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Peer Support for the mental & physical symptoms in chronic illness

About Us

We are mostly people on the edge!

As people on the edge, we tend not to get out much – but we have skills, tips and compassion to share… And we know we’re not alone!

We found a need for this site to exist when England came out of lockdowns in 2021 – many online groups set up during the pandemic over the previous 16 months returned to offline and in-person meetings – and we didn’t want them to stop.

We also realised that we needed to join seperate groups for our mental health and physical health and this isn’t the reality when living with chronic conditions. So, when all our support groups vanished, we decided to create our own hub with a focus on both the physical and mental symptoms in chronic health conditions instead of excluding one from the other.

To help people living with chronic illness not feel ‘so alone, so mis-understood or so isolated’ as we did before zooming became trendy – and we’re doing it with humour, grace and the buddy system.

Rogue has mental health issues which begat physical health issues and Warrior ‘DJ’ has physical health issues which begat mental health issues.

Prior to collecting chronic conditions Warrior ‘DJ’ worked in the nursing and care sector for 30 years and Rogue occupied herself with art, travelling, teaching and publishing.

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