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Accessible Pavements? You decide!

Wheelchair Adventures in Narnia

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Rogue & DJ Marie travelled through Totnes, Devon, to show you how to tackle the basics of wheeling around accessible[?!] places…

Video List

1: lampost Obstacles...

Yes, this is a real issue for chair users you abled numnuts… 😉

2: Tree root Obstacles...

In this video the trees are against us – abled people, when giving wheelchair users directions – do not see this as an issue – yes Numnuts, it is! Be nice if you could report it to your local council for us – they seem to be fed up of us mentioning it… you gotta laugh!

3: Tree Roots & Hedge Obstacles...

Watch out for tree roots and untamed hedges – a regular issue for wheelchair users – conveniently we found both obstacles in just over 20 seconds of wheeling!

4: Slopes are Obstacles!

In this video we demonstrate balance when the pavements don’t go our way… Yes, abled numnuts… this takes thought and skill – who’d a thought it?

Note: This skill makes us an excellent team member in the Toboggan run at the Olympics!

5: Accessible Pathway Downhill...?

In this video we tackle a public pathway made fit for chair users – however, it’s very steep and there’s no signage to say if it is chair friendly – so we thought we’d see if our cheap little I-Go Crests could tackle it – if our chairs can, so can yours… is wot we were thinking… Turns out tho… that this is also the only exit from this park… watch the Uphill Racing video to see how that went…

6: Accessible Pathway Uphill...?

In this video you’ll find out if our chairs have enough oomph to get us back up this ‘disabled ready’ pathway – it’s the only way out of this park – signage would be handy for those of us left with ‘The Flintstones’ power method of travelling up hills in a chair!

Watch our Down hill recklessly in a chair video to see how we got stuck down here…

Let us know in the comments section if you want us to tackle other obstacles!

We hope you enjoyed the ride, there’s more to come
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