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Escape the dark with accidental Art-Therapy

As many of us do with chronic conditions, I received some life changing news this week about my CMT’s progression. After many consultations with specialists over the past 12 months I’ve been told that I have to undergo more surgery in 2022. Specifically spinal surgery as well as both a knee and ankle replacement on my left leg.

Surprise, surprise, I had a big wobble and my head went straight into 'distress' mode. I really hadn't expected spinal surgery to be on the list.

We CAN beat our dark times with colour...

I am lucky, I have support around me; my Mr Ninja, my friends, family and everyone at Rogue Debby CIC and they reminded me of something…

Technically... it's my own fault. If I hadn't been so pro-active in seeking answers from a collection of specialists this past year I wouldn't have any recommendations to help relieve my current situation!

…I was in a dark place and needed to shift my negative thinking, so I took a ‘wot’s occurring’ postcard, pens and pencils, put my music on loud and coloured my friends into the postcard so I could focus on their positivity – putting accidental art therapy into practice!

So just doing this postcard helped me focus on the positive and gave myself time to recharge. By the end I felt more relaxed and knew if the specialists recommendations for surgery helps and relieves my pain then, don’t be scared, it’s worth doing.

I escaped the darkness with colour. Maybe you can too. Fabulous times are ahead...

I hope this helps someone to re-focus when times feel tough. I’m not a colouring-in fanatic [ironic], but the quirkyness of the illustration and the ability to put my own spin on it to get rid of my angst, is something that worked for me.

I encourage us all to find what works for each of us… Mindfulness can be a very empty space that quickly fills with noise we can’t always push out – but accidental art-therapy can be used as a ‘mindful tool’ to distract our brains and re-group our perspective.

Picture of Warrior 'DJ' Marie
Warrior 'DJ' Marie

"We can rebuild her.
We have the technology.
We can make her
better than she is.

*Probably not faster but we can live in hope!



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