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A Quick Guide to Spoon Theory

Think you understand Spoon Theory?

Living with a chronic illness can be challenging and many of us living with long-term health challenges need to apply Spoon Theory to our daily routine in order to live a more fulfilling life. Surprisingly, many of us think we know what Spoon Theory is all about, but in reality we’ve mostly skimmed over the key points if ‘debilitating fatigue’ interrupts our learning…

Quick Guides

With short attention spans, brain fog and extreme fatigue, a lot of us have gotten distracted by a butterfly, forgotten how to work our tech or fallen asleep at the screen before we’re halfway through reading.

We’ve selected one video and one infographic that make it very quick and easy to understand Spoon Theory

So You Want To Be A Spoonie?

We have provided the links to the examples we show here, so you can research more yourself if your brain is awake and in need of distraction… Or, you can join in on any of our online groups – we are always talking about Spoon Theory and how to use it effectively! It’s the best thing ever!

We’ve selected one video and one infographic that make it quick and easy to understand Spoon Theory.

Spoon Theory For All

This video is more of an advanced ‘spoonie’ guide – 4 mins 30 seconds – of how to implement Spoon Theory in our day to day activities. More importantly, this video guide helps the people around us understand the benefits of balancing our energy use, to live a more fulfilling life as well as ways they can help.

Links after Video.

Trigger Alert

There are trolls commenting on the YouTube channels - don't go there if they raise your blood pressure

More from Spoon Central...

Spoon Values Infographic

For those of us who need a more constructed idea of a potential ‘spoon value’, this example from Dysautonomia International will help guide you. This infographic was posted to Dysautonomia International’s Facebook page.

be part of the spoonie revolution

Thank you to Christine Miserandino who found a way to help us live the best life we can. Put her name into your search engine and a plethora of links appear.



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